Michael Adams

"Random People, Random Lives, Random Stories" (Documentary Snippet Not Made Yet) 

Disabled with one prosthetic right eye, I found Michael Adams walking the streets of Downtown Orlando, asking for spare change; he was looking for a way back "home" in Tampa, Florida. Michael is a lot like some of the folks we tend to walk by everyday on our way to work, school, or where ever.

Assuming to know someone's past or present situation is probably the worst thing we can do, especially if thinking out of a place of ignorance. According to Michael Adams, he's been drifting the city and staying at a Coalition House, among other places, for three weeks. He told me he was dropped off in the city a few weeks ago, with no way back. Although he may lack a little common sense, he shouldn't necessarily be ignored. He "assumed" bus tickets were more expensive than they really are, so he lost hope and succumb to doubt. Hopefully he's using his new-found knowledge and the few bucks I gave him to find his way back.

This doc is probably going to take forever to complete, but it's still a good clip to cut and share for now.

Directed by Marc Gomes