Image Campaign: Behind the scenes

For the past two weeks, our creative team at WFTV has been in full force production mode trying to essentially pull off the (almost) impossible. Multiple high-end, never-before-done, image commercials for the station with two weeks pre-production, two weeks production, and one and a half weeks total post-production. Total. Reads easier than it is.

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico | January 15-19, 2015

My first cruise ever was definitely exciting. So exciting, I jumped into the Cozumel ocean water with my iPhone 6 in my pocket. Potential Instagram gems drowned with it, but I'll take the memories instead. Good times, with good people.

Update, with stop-motion:

If a picture's worth a thousand words, here's about 12 million.

I chose to do something a little different and document pieces of my trip via photos, to make up this stop-motion video. Over 12,000 photos were taken in three days. No After-Effects cheating. Thankfully for Magic Lantern's timelapse mode, that automatic shutter-release saved me from carpal tunnel.




Ups, downs, distractions, and breakthroughs, all contributed to this year. Thank God for everything. I pray I never forget (to do) that. I pray I learn how to be more content with my life, but never lack the passion and commitment it takes to achieve my goals. I thank God for those goals, but pray He sheds anything unnecessary. It is a lot. Thank God for ambition. It fuels my fire. I pray it burns forever, not only for personal satisfaction, but more importantly God. I pray for humility during success, and confidence during failure. I pray I keep praying for wisdom over knowledge, and quality over quantity. I thank those of you who contributed to making this year a success, and those of you who unknowingly will make next year twice as prosperous - I believe in that statement. Thank those of you who made me wiser, regardless of our friendship status now. Thank God for those of you who fell off, and those still standing. I pray I recognize real, even when real don't recognize real.

Thank you Instagram for letting me express myself, with dignity and respect, through pictures. Those of you who appreciated the message, thank you too. If you've reached this far without skipping a sentence, stay being cool. Goodbye ...2014.

Hello, 2015.


One of many #BlackLivesMatter / #AllLivesMatter protests in Orlando took place tonight, in light of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and a very recent local police shooting a few days ago. The march started outside of the City Police Department, and ended in front of the Amway Center directly before the start of an Orlando Magic regular-season game. This is now more than a racial issue, it's an American issue; police-brutality is wrong.

Update: Along with photos, it was only right to get a little video footage. Here's my tribute to the dozens of protests going on daily in America, right now, for REAL change.

I, of course, have my own personal experiences and long-winded opinions about this topic, but it's 1:36 in the morning and I'm tired, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves. FYI - This was in fact a well-organized, very peaceful protest.