New Car ('14 Chevy Camaro RS Package)

If you ask family, and even a couple friends, they'd tell you I've been saying I'd buy this EXACT car, this year. Said it back when the first Transformers movie hit, and said it again once Chevy remodeled last year.

Photo Credit: Marc Gomes, All Rights Reserved.

Goal, fulfilled. On to the next.

Safe Start Swimming Program, Y of Central Florida in association with Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

This was more of an 'informational' project I worked on for the Y. I worked directly with the client, on behalf of the YMCA of Central Florida, and produced this video to showcase the Y's renown Safe Start Swimming Program and new partnership with Arnold Palmer Hospital.

"It only takes a few minutes for a child to drown or sustain serious, life-altering injuries. Children, as young as 6 months of age, can learn to save themselves in a drowning situation by using the self-rescue technique taught in the Safe Start program."

Here's the link:

Rowdy Gaines - It's Never Too Late

Rowdy Gaines is a 3-time USA Olympic Gold Medalist, and record-breaking swimmer.

These are basically test shots I just decided to publish. Little color correction, audio mixing, and editing in post. I shot this and a lot more footage of Rowdy for the Y, earlier this week. He is now officially working for the Y of Central Florida, as VP and head of Aquatics.

Here's a snippet of some footage I shot and cut, with footage from his original 1984 Olympic record-breaking performance I found on the 'Tube' after the jump:

L.A. Trip

Any time I get a chance to go back to my hometown, I capitalize on it. This past weekend was no exception. I rented a car while I was out there. Great decision, loved that little '14 Toyota Corolla (not a paid plug). I appreciate all the friends and family who made the trip worthwhile. Short, but sweet.

I didn't really get a chance to take too many DSLR flicks, but I did manage to get some decent iPhone shots. To view those, click here for my VSCO page. After the jump are a couple from the Canon, atop Runyon Canyon and Griffith Park near Hollywood.

P.S.: I also just uploaded this video to my Instagram account. You can watch it here.*

New Job

Whether you're reading this or not, you probably don't know much about my personal, and professional life. Which is cool. As I cut to the chase... I recently accepted an offer to play a new 'niche' role for a "news network" in the city (Top 20 U.S. large-market TV affiliate of ABC/Disney). My initial opinion towards it was "news, no way." Told myself I'd never go in that direction. Never say never. That said the opportunity presented itself in a way that seemed almost built for me, at the moment.

Excerpt from job description:

This is one compelling ad by the way, sheesh.

C300 ($15K) and a Movi ($15K)? That's a darn good attention-grabber for gear nerds like myself.

As a member of Creative Services, I've been offered to play a key role in the planning and execution of all station commercial spots, promos, and other creative visuals for television. Intriguing. I've also been asked to lead and - coach - staff in "advanced production" techniques. Their words, not mine. I'd be wearing several hats, not only as cinematographer and editor, but eventually will copywrite and fill the duties of a typical 'television producer', which could obviously be a positive challenge for me.

In the end, I respect and appreciate a company's commitment to being open to new and ergonomically improved (thanks to Canon and a few other brands) top-notch gear at the very least. A willingness to step out, and embrace change for the better.